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Sanlorenzo presents first superyacht with fuel cell

With the launch of its new yacht featuring fuel cell technology, the Italian yacht builder Sanlorenzo has taken another step towards climate neutrality.

The new build is the first unit of the 50Steel type. According to Sanlorenzo, this is the world’s first superyacht with a ‘Green Methanol Fuel Cell System’ on board. This ensures that the hotel systems on board can be operated emission-free.

The shipyard is also launching another innovation with the 50Steel: the HER system (Hidden Engine Room). This new concept maximizes the space on board, enabling the creation of an additional living area.

“With the launch of the 50Steel, Sanlorenzo is celebrating a fundamental milestone in its history, which is characterized by innovation and sustainability,” says Massimo Perotti, CEO of the Sanlorenzo Group.

Sanlorenzo cooperates with Siemens

The 50Steel’s modular fuel cell system, developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy, is capable of converting green methanol into hydrogen and then into electrical energy to power all the yacht’s hotel systems without storing hydrogen on board.

This solution allows the vessel to generate electrical energy up to 100 kW with the propulsion engines and diesel generators switched off. The carbon-neutral system significantly extends mooring time without diesel consumption and covers around 90% of a superyacht’s typical usage time with zero emissions, says Sanlorenzo.

Where is the engine room?

Sanlorenzo’s patented HER (Hidden Engine Room) system enables a new type of space layout with a displacement of less than 500 tonnes and a redesigned engine room layout.

The horizontal development of the propulsion systems and the new layout of the technical area on the lower deck have made it possible to utilize new spaces in the lower deck area. This includes an additional lounge, the Ocean Lounge, which is directly connected on one side to the large beach club at the stern with a pool, and on the other side to the guest area, where the cabins are complemented by a fitness room and spa area.

The 50Steel extends over five staggered decks, creating spacious areas and reducing partitions and barriers. According to Sanlorenzo, this new interior design is imperceptible from the exterior profile, which maintains a clear and essential line thanks to the innovative design of the Zuccon International Project studio.

Sanlorenzo 50Steel
The new type of yacht is characterized by a space-saving arrangement of the propulsion system on board



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Caption: The new type of yacht is characterized by a space-saving arrangement of the propulsion system on board