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Silent Yacht 62 gets an upgrade

The solar-electric Silent Yacht 62 is set to achieve better efficiency and a longer range following its upgrade.

According to Silent Yachts, this yacht is equipped with the “most advanced and reliable solar-electric drivetrain”. The foundations of its Silent Drivetrain go back to the Solarwave 46 prototype from 2009. Since then, the company has repeatedly made changes to the system in order to further increase and improve performance and efficiency.

This generation of the Silent Drivetrain features significant changes to the core components. At the same time, the new version retains the high level of safety already offered by its predecessors.

By using the latest liquid-cooled batteries, the yachts can initially benefit from faster charging times and optimized thermal management for the cells. With over 3,500 charging cycles, these batteries also have a longer service life than their predecessors.

Silent Yachts receives carbon propeller

Liquid cooling in a closed circuit means that the cooling process is now completely silent, resulting in an even quieter experience while underway. The overall higher energy density of these batteries means that more energy can be stored in a smaller space with less weight. The watertightness of protection class IP65 ensures maximum safety on board.

Silent Yachts
The bronze propeller has been replaced by a carbon one

In addition, the new electric motors offer a very high efficiency of around 96%, which is currently market-leading. This is the result of the latest synchronous reluctance permanent magnet (SRPM) technology. Their extremely compact and robust structure is protected by an IP65 housing to ensure maximum reliability. As the components are produced in Europe, they are manufactured to the highest quality standards, according to Silent Yachts.

The final component of the new Silent Drivetrain is the improved propellers. While the previous drivetrain used bronze propellers, the new system is equipped with a high-tech carbon propeller. Compared to their bronze counterparts, they are not only lighter but also more efficient. Due to their special shape, which is similar to that of submarine propellers, they are also quieter and do not generate any vibrations when turning.


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